Apple Siri may come to future smart docks

Patent and also Trademark Office. the dock will have it’s personal display screen, remote control, WiFi, touch interface, speaker, and also microphone.. after Siri is activated, you will possibly be able to play a song, pay attention to voice mails, send text messages, examine weather, search pertaining to content, and hang up alarms.
Apple Siri might come to long term smart docksShare about Google+Share on TwitterTags: Apple Inc., U.S. The Particular dock would use Siri in your mobile oral appliance it might end up being activated by simply speaking or making a noise similar to clapping hands or even snapping fingers. Patent and Trademark Office

[Source: CNET]
Screen Shot 2013-12-05 in 11.24.18 PM
Apple Siri may come to long term smart docks
According into a patent application, Apple may ultimately integrate Siri straight into docking stations. the patent application was printed upon Thursday from the U.S


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